We take our obligation to provide your order very seriously. However, should an unforeseeable event occur that prevents us from fulfilling our obligation and forces us to cancel our agreement with you, we will refund your payment in full.

Cakes must be refrigerated until the event time. Do not keep it at room temperature or under sunlight.

Food must be consumed on the same day to ensure freshness. It can be kept at cold temperature for maximum of 6 hours.



While we make every effort to provide exactly the order you have requested, slight variations and/or errors by the creator(s) can be due to the nature of items ordered.

Every cake we make is hand-made. Decorative finishes are done by hand and are subject to the artistic interpretation of our expert cake decorators. You may provide us with a photograph for inspiration and duplication; however, we make no claims for exact duplication of the work done by other cake decorators.

Corrections and repairs to cakes, including inscription mistakes, can be corrected on the same day in most cases. You are required to give us this opportunity and must let us know of the problem at the same time of receiving.

Complaints are very rare and so we take them very seriously. Some complaints may require further investigation and an immediate refund may not always be possible.

Cakes, or part of cakes, must be returned within the same day to ensure we are able to fairly assess the nature of the complaint.

The maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake and delivery. Further compensation is not available. 



Eleganza will endeavor to perform its services in a professional manner and provide the best customer experience possible. If our products or services do not meet our high standards, or the client is dissatisfied, we may–at our discretion—find a solution to this.



If you choose to pick up your cake/ other products and transport it yourself, we are not liable or responsible once it has left the boutique.

You should prepare your vehicle so it is clean and free of items that could roll or slide into the cake/ other products.

We do everything in our power to provide a well-structured cake, but please note that cakes are very fragile and break easily, drive carefully and slowly.

Once the cake leaves our shop, we are not responsible for any damage occurring to the cake during transport, set-up or any time thereafter.



Once the product is delivered, Eleganza is not responsible for any damage. If your venue is outdoors, it is your responsibility to take the necessary precautions (shading, level ground, insect netting, wind protection, temperature control, etc.) to ensure that the cake/food remains intact beyond initial setup. 



Please note that heads of 3 D shape cakes and some other decorations on the cakes usually are made from cereals mixed with cream or from Styrofoam decorated with sugar paste, and the actual cake that you should cut and eat is the body.

Also keep in mind that there are wooden or plastic dowel rods ( wooden sticks) inside the cake which are meant to support the cake. Those wooden sticks are specifically made to be used in food products and without them the cake cannot be done.

Keep this in mind and once you cut the cake remove all wooden and plastic parts to avoid any problems especially for the children.

When sugar flowers are used in the cake – they have metal wires supporting them – which are not edible, but also produced to be used in the cake decorating.

Very often we use also toothpicks to support sugar figures. Beware for children please.



• We recommend you order your cake for the same day it will be cut.

• If the cake is for next day it must be kept in the fridge overnight.

• Sponge cake will keep for 24 hours after being cut and kept in the fridge.

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